Some Work We've done...

(A few samples)

Manhasset Community Coalition Against Substance Abuse

Manhasset Community Coalition Against Substance Abuse (Manhasset CASA) wanted to provide a means of communication to the community of important information about and links relating to youth and substance abuse, upcoming meetings and events, follow-up information on those events, and an easily accessible source for their program materials.

DevCor worked with CASA to understand its desired features, personality, and other requirements for the websiter. DevCor presented a mock-up of a possible design, and then further refined the design with feedback from CASA as to what it envisioned. The completed design was then developed, initial content incorporated, the site was uploaded for review, approved, and the site was launched.

DevCor is grateful to have a continued relationship with CASA, so as to have had the opportunity to provide an initial redesign, used for several years, and, then, provide the updated design of its current website.


Manhasset PASE

Manhasset Parent Association for Special Education (PASE)

Manhasset PASE had been in existance, serving its community for over 17 years. During that time it had served its parent constituency, developed a close working relationship with its school district and had also amassed a wealth of invaluable information it wanted to easily share with its community.

DevCor worked with PASE to determine desired categories of information, layout parameters, accessibility, and ease of locating the infomation that PASE had previously provided one via meetings or one-on-one. With its website, it could more easily provide for the needs of those in its community and, concurrently, it established a means of ' passing on' its accumulated collective wisdom to future generations of parents, as well.

In partnership, through a series of meetings, we met, we discussed, we defined needs, a designer who was a member of PASE developed the page design, and DevCor built and published the site, per the design. The site was launched and the community was served.


Mnasthai Press wanted a tasteful presence on the web to sell its publications and services. After having discussed with Mnasthai its approach to publishing and its desired web personality, DevCor proposed a site design, including fonts, color scheme, and layout. The project needed to be completed in time for the announcement of a new publication at an industry book fair. Aligning DevCor's goals with its client's, the site was ready in time.

... - a non-profit community organization whose goal it is to ensure their youth are drug-free.

East Williston/Roslyn Coalition for Drug-Free Youth ( wished to develop a website to provide facts and information on drugs and drug use, provide helpful information on effective parenting, and provide resources and support for parents in their community. We discussed desired features and pages, as well as other expectations they had for their site. Having documented and confirmed an understanding of expectations, DevCor then designed some possible mock-ups for their site. Once a near-acceptable design was chosen, together, we interactively made changes to the design with the input and reaction of the entire commitee guiding the final design. The site was published. Committee members were trained. The site was announced and officially launched.



Great Neck/Manhasset Child Care Coalition Partnership

The Great Neck/Manhasset Community Child Care Partnership wanted a means for its constituency to be able to download its invaluable Preschool Handbooks, as well as a venue for its parenting articles, and a vehicle for announcing its upcoming meetings. DevCor worked with GNMCCCP to develop a website that met its design vision as well as met its functional requirements. Once the layout was as desired, the site was built and launched and is now used regularly as a convenient means of distributing critical information to the community's parents.